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Credit unions are financial institutions that work for people, not for profits! Please take some time to explore our site and learn about credit unions. We’ve been a well kept secret for more than 150 years! What would it be like to do your banking with an institution that lives the motto of “people helping people”? Credit unions are designed to help people solve their own financial problems and prosper by their own hand. Get to know us – you won’t be disappointed!

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Latest Testimonials

“I went to the Credit Union after being fed up with a large bank. The Credit Union took a personal interest in my financial situation and made me feel at home. They are helping me to raise my credit score.” 
- Joe, Fargo ND

“After extreme frustration with a national bank, it was a refreshing difference to work with the Credit Union. I took my situation to the Credit Union with my head hung in shame, but there was little judgment and lots of help.” 
- JP, Jamestown ND

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